Geology Field Trip

July 24-25

The Thermal Biology Institute continues to provide opportunities for teachers to learn more about Yellowstone and the wide variety of geological processes that make it one of the most active and interesting examples of modern day vulcanology. TBI sponsored its annual two day field trip for 10 teachers with Dr. Todd Feeley, MSU vulcanologist. The teachers were treated to an up-close look at the active volcanism occurring in the park as well as being introduced to the multitude of evidence for past volcanic activity on the two day tour.

MSU vulcanologist Dr. Todd Feeley was the trip leader for a TBI sponsored teacher workshop.  The field-centered Yellowstone Geology workshop was a the highlight of the summer for TBI staff and participants!;  Hot Science! Coordinator Monica Brelsford and geology post-doc Julie Hamblock discuss diversity of the microbial life in the hot springs at Old Faithful.;  Montana teachers like hot!