National Geographic Wild Chronicles Highlights Yellowstone Microbes and TBI Scientists 

Excerpts from a TBI film for national audiences will feature prominently in a National Geographic episode that airs on February 25th 2007.  The television show Wild Chronicles will showcase excerpts from the 30 minute film Invisible Yellowstone that the Thermal Biology Institute produced with the Natural Science and Filmmaking program at MSU.  

Yellowstone Microbes featured on National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles
Join host Boyd Matson on the television series "Wild Chronicles" each week for stories of danger, survival and curiosity as he looks at the relationships between humans and nature while highlighting breakthrough science and the promise it holds for the future. Forty-two episodes are planned for the 2006-07 television season. Segments feature both original reports from the field and updates on exciting discoveries.   Yellowstone research conducted by TBI researchers Tim McDermott, Bill Inskeep, Mark Young, and Trevor Douglas is highlighted in Wild Chronicles episode #218, airing in February on selected PBS stations.  

This footage was excerpted from the 30-minute film Invisible Yellowstone, a TBI outreach product produced with the MSU Science Natural History filmmaking program.    

The episode will be offered via DVD and through the TBI webpage. "Wild Chronicles" is funded in part by the National Science Foundation and presented on PBS by National Geographic Society Mission Programs. It aims to undertake expeditions and scientific investigations; encourage geography education for young people; and promote natural, historical and cultural conservation.
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