Mondays at 3:10pm
Plant Bioscience Building, Room 108    
Occasionally there is a change in venue. Any changes are announced via email.

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Previous Seminars

Fall 2019 Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Presentation

Oct 7

*Roberts 301 

Dr. Jeff Gralnick

Professor, Plant & Microbial Ecology

University of Minnesota

Exploring electric bacteria using genetics, CRISPR, FISH, and phage

Nov 4 Dr. Manuel Kleiner

Assistant Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology

North Carolina State University

Assessing metabolism and interspecies interactions in microbial symbioses via metaproteomics

Nov 5

*MSU Provost Distinguished Lecturer Series

7:00 p.m.

Museum of the Rockies

Dr. Brent Peyton

Director, TBI; Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering,MSU

Trails to Yellowstone (and other biotech adventures)


For speaker suggestions, contact Brent Peyton