Mondays at 3:10pm
Plant Bioscience Building, Room 108    
Occasionally there is a change in venue. Any changes are announced via email.

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Previous Seminars

FALL 2017


    September 18th:  Dr. Kasthuri VenkateswaranCalifornia Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory,        'Microbes in Space'



   October 2nd: Dr. Bruce Fouke and Tom Murphy, 'The Art of Yellowstone Science: Mammoth Hot Spring as a

   Window on the Universe,' University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Fine Art Landscape and

   Wildlife Photography

   October 16th: Dr. Tim Magnuson, Idaho State University 

   October 23rd: Dr. Gregg Beckham, National Renewable Energy Laboratory ,

   'Deconstructing Plants and Plastics with Novel Enzymes and Microbes'


    November 6th:  Dr. Geoff Puzon, CSIROLand and Water Flagship- Australia, 

    'Tales from the Golden pipeline: Thermophilic amoebae in West Australian Water Distribution Systems.'

    November 20th: Dr. Donald Bryant, Pennsylvania State University, ' Life on the (red) edge of darkness… 

    Photoacclimation of terrestrial cyanobacteria to far-red and low light'