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Plant Bioscience Building, Room 108    
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Spring 2019 Schedule

Date   Speaker   Presentation
January 14   

Dr. Brent Peyton
Director, Thermal Biology Institute; Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering, MSU 

   Keck Thermophile Project Highlights and TBI Update

January 28

*Barnh 126


Jacob Munson-McGee
PhD Student, Microbiology & Immunology, MSU

  Virus-host interactions at the single cell level in hot springs of Yellowstone National Park
February 11  

Dr. Mike Wilkins
Assistant Professor, Soil & Crop Sciences, Colorado State University 

Host: Dr. Roland Hatzenpichler

  Deep shales as windows into cryptic carbon cycling in the terrestrial subsurface
March 4  

Dr. Haley Sapers 
Postdoctoral Scholar, Human Frontier in Science Cross-disciplinary Fellow, USC/Caltech/NASA JPL

Host: Dr. Roland Hatzenpichler

  Combining Deep UV Raman spectroscopy and stable isotope probing to map microbial activity on complex environmental substrates: from life detection to the subsurface biosphere
March 11  

Dr. Roland Hatzenpichler
Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Montana State University

  A new Confocal Raman microscope with cell-sorting ability at MSU: What to do with it and how to get seed funding for using it
March 25  

Dr. Lee Krumholz
Professor, Microbiology, University of Oklahoma 

Hosts: Drs. Brent Peyton & Robin Gerlach

  Microbial interactions involved in syntrophic growth
April 1  

Jesse Peach
PhD Student, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Montana State University

  A hot springs story in four parts: Using large data sets to describe extreme environments
April 8  

Nick Reichart
PhD Student, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Montana State University 

  Identification of cellulolytic hot spring organisms through bioorthogonal labeling
April 15


Dr. Jim Hemp
Adjunct Instructor, Internal Medicine, University of Utah 

Host: Dr. Roland Hatzenpichler

  Diversity and evolution of high potential metabolisms: Photosynthesis, aerobic respiration, and nitrogen cycling
April 22  

Dr. Olivia Nigro
Assistant Professor, Biology, Hawaii Pacific University

Host: Dr. Luke McKay

  Unearthing virus-host relationships in a geothermal oceanic ecosystem

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