The MSU Extreme Biofilms Research Experience for Undergraduates (EB-REU) is a 10-week summer program designed to engage participants in a research project aimed at discovering new ways to grow, understand, and utilize extremophilic biofilms for human benefit. Our undergraduate scientists will gain a direct appreciation for the unique physical, physiological, and genetic adaptations of biofilm-forming microorganisms found in numerous extreme systems.


REU participant and mentor in field. Photo of Yellowstone National Park with flowing waterfall in distance. Photo of REU participant walking on trail.

In addition to helping our students understand how scientists think and solve problems, EB-REU students will participate in innovative technical and professional development activities, helping enhance their leadership, communication, and professional skills. Participants will practice these skills by presenting a poster at a local summer science and technology meeting and giving a presentation at an end-of-program symposium. The physical location of the MSU campus and expertise of our scientists also provide a unique opportunity for participants to study extreme biofilms in-person in Yellowstone National Park. During the first week of the program, students will see extreme biofilms firsthand and learn about them during discussions at diverse Yellowstone geothermal basins and by conducting hands-on measurements.


Undergraduate, Emily Bermel, presenting poster Undergraduate, Shu Ying Wee, presenting poster.



The 10-week EB-REU program provides participants with a $6000 stipend, and covers the costs of on-campus housing, plus partial support for food and travel to the REU site. No prior research experience or formal coursework in biofilm science or bioengineering is required to apply.  




Application Open:  2023

Summer 2022 Dates: May 31st - August 5th, 2022

Application Deadline: To Be Determined (TBD)

Selectees Notified: To Be Determined (TBD)