Deep Sea Vent Display

The Astrobiology Biogeocatalysis Research Center hosts NASA Astrobiology Exhibit

The Astrobiology Biogeocatalysis Research Center is hosting a small traveling astrobiology display. The kiosk, developed by the Carnegie Institution, is on exhibit in the Burns Telecommunications Atrium, Studio 1080 at Montana State University.  The multimedia kiosk features deep sea vents and the organisms this dark high pressure environment home.

The kiosk is complimented with a display that features MSU research highlights, including three distinct extreme environments; deep sea vents, thermal environments in Yellowstone National Park, and the McMurdo Dry valleys in Antarctica. The display will be available for viewing through September 2008.

The display was used to part of a teacher professional development course, Examining Life in Extreme Environments, in conjunction with a telecommunicated lecture from deep sea MBL Scientist Dr. Julie Huber.  The exhibit has also been a highlight of visiting school groups to the Burns Telecommunications Center.