Research Coordination Network

In January of 2008 the Yellowstone National Park Research Coordination Network (NSF-RCN) held its third biennial formal workshop in collaboration with the Thermal Biology Institute, and with support from Montana NSF EPSCoR and the ABRC NASA Astrobiology  node at MSU.

The geothermal features of Yellowstone Park have long been the subject of scientific inquiry, especially between the fields of microbiology, geochemistry, geothermal hydrology, microbial ecology, and population biology primary goal of this funded Research Coordination Network, directed by TBI scientist Dr. Bill Inskeep, is to promote a unified effort among scientists and federal resource agencies and to characterize, describe, understand, and inventory the diverse biota associated with geothermal habitats in Yellowstone.

Nearly sixty scientists from across the country attended the conference, which brought together researchers and resource managers from Yellowstone National Park to discuss current research projects, share data and information regarding Yellowstone’s geothermal systems, and to prioritize activities such as data access, student and staff exchanges, and publications. The three-day workshop included lectures, a poster session, group discussions, and data transfer among scientists and YNP resource managers.  

Over 70 scientists, resource managers and graduate students attended the 3rd Biennial Geothermal Research Coordination Network in Yellowstone National Park in January, 2008. The NSF-RCN program was held in collaboration with the Thermal Biology Institute with support from Montana EPSCoR.