Living Colors

Image of Living Color's Microbe Identification Wheel.

Discover the microbes of Yellowstone National Park and learn how to identify them! 


Extreme Yellowstone Expedition (EYE)

Image of Extreme Yellowstone Expedition logo. Image is of an eye and within the eye is a hot spring.

See research come to life, mimic experiments conducted by scientists, work with actual data sets, and get to know researchers and STEM role models.


Education Materials

Image of faculty member and student by hot spring.

Explore educational materials that TBI's faculty and collaborators have created.

Public Outreach and Education

Image of Yellowstone Outreach activity.

Learn more of TBI's yellowstone outreach and education. 

Additional Resources

Image of Yellowstone National Park taken by Sylvia Bullock.

FInd out more about TBI's additional resources.