Astrobiology Education Poster

Includes three poster activities that address what life is, where it is found, and how to look for it.

Advent of Complex Life Classroom Activities

A range of activities for high school students and older that cover topics such as taxonomy.


Astrobiology: The Search for Life, a website hosted by the Exploratorium.

Exploring Life’s Origins

A website from the Museum of Science in Boston that aims to use downloadable illustrations and animations to help describe origins of life research and theories to broad audiences. The website includes an interactive timeline of life’s evolution and information on the RNA world theory.


The Exploratorium’s Origins website featuring the extraordinary places, people, tools and ideas behind the search for the origins of matter, the universe, and life itself.

PBS NOVA Web Site—Origins

In this companion Web site to the program, find out how life could have started and why water is needed for life; read about the latest discoveries in origins research; use raw data to assemble the famous Eagle Nebula image; insert your own values into the Drake Equation; decode cosmic spectra; and more.


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